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Welcome to our website.  It has been created and organized to help provide you with the necessary information to make a sound decision concerning your future dock.


Trouble Free Docks and Boat Lift  (TFD&BL) is now the exclusive Wahoo Docks dealer for the Lake Guntersville area.  As you will see, we can provide you the best ‘bang for your buck’ if you consider it over the long haul.  The alternative wood docks require a lot of maintenance and even then they deteriorate relatively quickly.  In addition, pressure treated wood docks/boat houses do not complement Southern style Colonial homes that often cost over $300,000 to build – in fact we believe they degrade their appearance.  They look fine with a log cabin. 


You already know, or soon will know, that there are several design options available.  We think you really only want to consider a Wahoo floating dock.  Why would you ever want to have a ladder to get in and out of your boat.  Wahoo docks have been carefully engineered and improved over the years to provide features you can not get from the competition.  More specifically, the Category 5  upgrades, that have been introduced, make Wahoo stand head and shoulders above its closest competition.  If you look closely at the Wahoo Category 5 design features and then the competitions docks, you will see the differences.  TFD&BL offers you a wider range of alternatives (depending on what your area and TVA permit will allow.  Here is what some of these look like.  In addition, we can offer you a wide range of options for color and decking choices.  Likewise, you can dress up your dock with a number of attractive accessories.  We can provide you with standard or raised gangways, depending on your properties needs.  The raised gangway and sun deck are a great solution to really steep slopes to the water.  


Now a couple of critical words about your TVA permit.  If you have not applied for it (or applied to have it transferred from a developer to you), I suggest you contract us prior so we can save you considerable delay, additional un-necessary cost, and help ensure you get what you want.  If you have your permit and are not particularly satisfied with it, contact us.  Regardless, as a service of providing you with a dock, we also offer to handle this part of the process for you.  We have an established relationship with the TVA and know that we can help you get what you want quickly and at the least cost. 


The bottom line is this, if you do your home work and properly way the facts, it is time to design your dock so that it fits your needs, and TFD&BL is ready to do just that.   If you would like to see a good example of the type of dock you can be enjoying, stop by Lot 250 in the Oaks development (on Goose Pond Island).  You can not miss it if you are on the river!!  


TFD&BL offers you the best dock available to meet your specific needs.  We further commit to delivery you the quality of dock you are expecting, when we promise to deliver and at the price we agree upon.  That makes TFD&BL unique.  Check with your neighbors who do not have a Wahoo dock and see if that is what they have experienced.  We can provide references that will support out commitment.


Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions.  We will be happy to help you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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